Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bridal Show at 2000 Grand

For anyone local here in Kansas City that's heading down to First Fridays in the Crossroads tomorrow, stop in to see us and a bunch of other local wedding vendors at the 2000 Grand Bridal open house (upstairs at The Cashew). Their new space is gorgeous-they've renovated the 3rd floor for an "urban loft" feel (so popular these days) and the garage door windows would open up for a wonderful breezy feel to your summer or early fall weddings. I love seeing all of the new venus popping up downtown. :)

If you stop in, say hi! We love to meet our blog readers.

Hand-Canceling invitations for your wedding!

One of the questions frequently asked by our brides is about the option for hand-canceling wedding invitations. I always recommend clients to go to a smaller post-office during off-peak hours and inquire about the option there--many times they are happy to accommodate your request and then your envelopes will have the "hand-stamped" look vs. the machine canceling. These days, everything runs through the machines at some point, so even with the hand-canceling that doesn't mean that your envelopes will end up perfect--but it's a good option to start with.

Anyway, I was reading yesterday about a post office in Oregon that specialized in hand-canceling for weddings: the Bridal Veil location, the second smallest post office still in operation. This
website gives you all the details for working with them for this service. What a fun way to personalize your invitations! You can see an example of the stamp on the website as well.

And while we're on the topic--how cute are the new
2 oz. wedding stamps? (pictured above.) Keep in mind most wedding invitations will use at least a 2 oz. stamp, with boxes, etc. more. I also think the new king/queen of hearts stamps are adorable as well. Too bad they're only the 1 oz. price. Use them for your RSVP envelopes!