Sunday, November 1, 2009

tea for two?

Look at these lovely single cupcake stands I saw on Bakerella's blog. (have you been over there?  swoon!)   Puts me in the mood to throw a wonderful tea party!  For one of my wedding showers we had afternoon-tea at the Fairmont Hotel Oak Room (now the InterContinental).  There were a variety of teas and multiple petit-fours and my mom and her friends all got to wear big fancy hats.  (Not a good look for me.)  

Anyway, for my next tea party I would order these fantastic tissue flowers from PartyPom's etsy shop and some of these fancy little cupcakes from Cake Girl (here in KC!)  My sister Abigail booked them for her upcoming wedding and the samples were delicious!  She also has a peanut butter buttercream frosted cupcake that we're dying to try!