Thursday, August 20, 2009

so. completely. fantastic.

I stumbled across these pictures (you can click on the picture to enlarge the photo) today on
C is for Charmed (a totally awesome blog) and followed the links back to the original photos on Jonas Peterson's website. I love everything about everything here--the totally cool couple, her amazing short dress, his wedding vans and the gorgeous photos documenting Paul and Cassie's wedding day. If I could do it over I'd contemplate blowing my entire wedding budget to fly Jonas in to take pictures and make us look fabulous. Well, almost the whole budget--I've got to get that short dress too! (A girl can dream, right?)

In addition to everything that's perfect about Paul and Cassie's wedding, I love this little thumbprint wedding tree guestbook alternative. It's fun and funky art and something so lovely to have framed and displayed in your home. Enjoy and check out more of both C is for Charmed and Jonas Peterson's sites.