Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hand-Canceling invitations for your wedding!

One of the questions frequently asked by our brides is about the option for hand-canceling wedding invitations. I always recommend clients to go to a smaller post-office during off-peak hours and inquire about the option there--many times they are happy to accommodate your request and then your envelopes will have the "hand-stamped" look vs. the machine canceling. These days, everything runs through the machines at some point, so even with the hand-canceling that doesn't mean that your envelopes will end up perfect--but it's a good option to start with.

Anyway, I was reading yesterday about a post office in Oregon that specialized in hand-canceling for weddings: the Bridal Veil location, the second smallest post office still in operation. This
website gives you all the details for working with them for this service. What a fun way to personalize your invitations! You can see an example of the stamp on the website as well.

And while we're on the topic--how cute are the new
2 oz. wedding stamps? (pictured above.) Keep in mind most wedding invitations will use at least a 2 oz. stamp, with boxes, etc. more. I also think the new king/queen of hearts stamps are adorable as well. Too bad they're only the 1 oz. price. Use them for your RSVP envelopes!

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veronica said...

I was able to stamp my own at the post office. Then I could make sure everything looked perfect!