Monday, August 9, 2010

Cool calligraphy Treasury on Etsy!

I sell some of our notecards and mini-suitcases on Etsy, along with some samples of our wedding invitations. A great way to check stats for an etsy store is to use Craftopolis, this great site where you can view your stats and see page views, etc. (We also use Google Analytics for all of our websites, but Craftopolis offers a quick snapshot view over a variety of time periods which is helpful in gauging interest in products.) Previously available on Craftopolis, Etsy has now incorporated a search for you to allow to see when you've been featured in a treasury--very cool! So, thanks to etsy seller Soyonsheureux (who has some
wonderful soaps and other treats) for featuring our Preppy lime green and navy calligraphy invitations (created with in her recent treasury featuring all kinds of calligraphy.