Thursday, June 25, 2009

pockets full of sunshine :)

{photo credits, clockwise from top left:1
,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}

With my sister, Abigail, planning her wedding for June 2010, we've been busy running around and meeting with Kansas City vendors, booking locations and all kinds of fun stuff like that for the past few weeks. After a tip from Sharon at KISS Events, we headed over to Ida's Custom Veils to check out their sample sale of gowns! With discontinued styles 50 to 70% off, it's a great deal if you can find a dress.

One of my favorite things we saw in some of the dresses today? Pockets! I remember seeing Sandra Bullock's Angel Sanchez dress at the Academy Awards a few years ago, and how adorable she looked with the pockets in her ballgown. Are you really going to use pockets in your wedding gown on the big day? Maybe for a lipstick or something small, but I love the sweet, sort of innocent look of the pictures with the brides' hands in her pockets.

Paloma Blanca has a few styles out in their 2009 fall collection and JCrew's bridal line has some sophisticated "pocket" options as well. Geneviere from JCrew (photos 2 and 3) totally reminds me of the dress the younger sister has made in the movie 27 dresses! Abby is still deciding on her dress, but we will hopefully soon find the one! Happy Shopping!